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Design - Validation - Production

Think Wireless, Inc. creates custom antenna and wireless product solutions to fit each customer’s
electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements. With over 23 years of experience, we have
successfully designed a large number of products for our customers.
Our design process typically includes:

  • Review the design and specifications and make recommendations.
  • Simulate potential designs using the most advanced computer simulation tools.
  • Build prototypes and test.
  • Modify/fine tune the design.
  • Run a pilot build: typically build 50 to 100 units and take all necessary data.
  • Finalize the design based on the pilot build.
  • Complete all design and test documentation.
  • Obtain ship acceptance.








Before any antenna or wireless product design goes into production, it first needs to be validated in the laboratory and the real world.
Our validation process typically includes:

  • Electrical, mechanical, environmental testing based on the customer's specific requirements/ test documents.
  • Real world tests: The products are tested in the environment they are used. This includes field testing, collecting, and analyzing all the data our customers need.










Once the design is validated and approved by the customer, it's ready for production.
Over the past 23 years we have produced hundreds of thousands of products for our customers.
We provide expertise in efficient production testing methods and ensure that each product meets the
required specifications.

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